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【Unit 1】Section A一、1.improve 2.vocabulary 3.flashcards 4.pronunciation 5.aloud 6.grammar 二、1.watching 2.speaking 3.listening 4.to finish 5.seen 6.frustrating 7.excited 三、1.making flashcards 2.by making vocabulary lists 3.by practicing conversationswith his friends 4.ask the teacher for help 5.by working with a group四、1.How does; learn 2.Why not 3.five years ago 4.doesn't;ask 5.Has;had;yet 五、1.Sure/Certainly 2.how 3.asking 4.yes 5.practicing 6.How 7.long 8.skills 9. at10.welcomeSection B一、1.pronounces 2.slowly 3.spoken 4.mistake 5.solution 6.impressed 7.challenges 二、1.slowly 2.to use 3.spoken 4.pronunciation 5.writing 6.worried 7.right 三、1.First of all 2.Later on 3.laugh at 4.take lots of grammar notes 5.couldn'tpronounce 6.already sung 7.special suggestions 8.wactching;boring四、1.don't;either 2.to study 3.spent;on 4.too;to 5.How does五、1.best 2.by 3.watching 4.voices 5.keeping 6.studied 7.conversations 8.improves9.pronunciation 10.dictionarySelf Check and Reading一、1~5 CDCBD 6~10 BADCC二、1.wactching 2.playing 3.making 4.singing 5.developing 6.would come 7.read8.truly 9.speaking 10.(to) carry三、1.Where to buy 2.pronunciation right 3.How often 4.How long 5.instead of 6.Whatwas四、1.worrying about 2.regard their pets as 3.goes by 4.try our best to 5.with thehelp of 6.look up 7.make up五、1~5 ABCCD 6~10 ACBDC六、1~5 BCADDⅦ.(One possible version)As a student, you may know the importance of English. I believe that learning English is just like learning to play the piano; by practicing every day. We must use English every day. I not only answer the teacher’s questions in English, but also speak English as much as I can after class. I often practice conversations with my friends. I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of becoming a good language learner. I’ve learned a lot by working with a group.Watching English-language TV programs can help a lot.The most important rule for learning English is “Don’t be afraid of makingmistakes, because everyone makes mistakes”.【Unit 2】

Section A一、1.dark 2.interested 3.used 4.terrified 5.outgoing二、1.friendly 2.watching 3.terrified 4.speak 5.being三、1.Did you use to play the piano? 2.I didn't use to like English 3.You used tohave long hair, didn’t’ you? 4. What did his father use to look like?四、What did; use to do 2.didn't she 3.What did; use; wear 4.am interested in 5.byhimself五、1.lot 2.used 3.was 4.interested 5.changedSection B一、1.Chew 2.Comics 3.anymore 4.chat 5.candy二、1.watching 2.has changed 3.used 4.learning 5.get 6.to dance 7.like三、1.all day 2.chat with 3.take to 4.has changed; past few years 5.play basketball;on 6.Are;afraid/terrified of; in front of四、1.afraid of 2.Did;use 3.are able to 4.What an 5.with;open 6.didn't use; likeSelf Check and Reading一、1~5 ACABB 6~9 CBBD二、1.patient 2.afford 3.necessary 4.himself 5.attention三、1.death 2.surprise 3.decision 4.patience 5.proud四、1.an eight-year-old 2.caused some trouble 3.any more; try to 4.chew gum 5.payattention to; pronunciation 6.afford to pay for五、1.seem to 2.In the end 3.good at 4.no more 5.used to be 6.is on六、1~5 DEBFC七、1~5 BCAAC 6~10 BACCA 11~15 CABBB八、1~5 FFTFFⅨ. (One possible version)Lily is my good friend. She has changed a lot in the past few years. She used to like table tennis, watch TV and chat, but now she likes plying the piano, reading books and walking. She used to be outgoing and she made many friends, but now she is shy and quiet. She used to be short and have short hair, but now she is tall andhas long hair.【Unit 3】Section A一、1.instead 2.allowed 3.licence 4.teenagers 5.silly二、1.drive 2.doing 3.to swim 4.to think 5.pierced 6.wearing三、1.should be asked 2.should be allowed 3.should be finished 4.can be used 四、1.should be allowed 2.don't think; aren’t’t serious enough 3.seemed to 4.allowme to 5.spend time withSection B一、1.concentrate 2.experience 3.rules 4.learn 5.present二、1.volunteering 2.noisy 3.changed 4.studying 5.to keep三、1.It seems 2.How would 3.Whose house 4.should be allowed 5.don't;is四、1.is strict with 2.is good for 3.concentrates more on 4.at present 5.the otherday 6.failed the exam五、1~5 CDAEB六、1~5 BCDCC 6~10 DBACBSelf Check and Reading一、1.uniforms 2.sleepy 3.replied 4.practice 5.importance二、1.comfortable 2.much 3.success 4.decisions 5.suggestions三、1.tall enough 2.achieving your dream 3.design our school uniforms 4.hadopportunity to study 5.aren't allowed; wear earrings四、1~5 CBBCB 6~10 CADAD五、1~5 DAECG六、1~5 BCABD 6~10 BCDBA七、1.Get/Have;pierced 2.dirty and untidy 3.Use bad language 4.a lot of noise 5.bestrict withⅧ.(One possible version)Dear Ms Li,I’m very glad to write to you. I have lot of homework to do at school. I don’t have enough time to sleep. I nearly have no time to do sports. My friend and I can hardly find time to talk, or play together. When I get back home from school, I’m not allowed to watch TV, surf the Internet or listen to my favorite music. I feel worried about them. I don’t know what I should do. Could you please give me somesuggestions?Best wishes.Zhang Meng【Unit 4】Section A一、1.million 2.charity 3.tie 4.medical 5.nervous二、1.medical 2.going 3.friendly 4.won 5.to work三、1~5 DFBGA四、1.had;would go 2.what to write 3.What if someone else 4.would give; to charitySection B一、1.circle 2.herself 3.bother 4.annoy 5.fairly 6.plenty 7.listener二、1~5 BCDBA三、1.energetic 2.not to run 3.speech 4.listener 5.would have四、1.What if 2.doesn't;in the slightest 3.rather than/instead of 4.to get along;with 5.what to say 6.so that五、1~5 ACDEBSelf Check and Reading一、knowledge 2.represent 3.correct 4.deep 5.offered 6.covers二、1~5 CBDAD三、1.in public 2.are sure 3.bother 4.get along with 5.in front of 6.comes top 7.rightaway 8.plenty of四、1.cut yourself by accident 2.make her comfortable 3.come up with 4.come out 5.stopworking五、1~5 DFEAB六、1.were 2.would try 3.would not say 4.would allow 5.were 6.would give 7.wouldset七、1.If I became rich/had lots of money, I would give you 1,000,000 dollars. 2. He fell seriously ill and couldn't afford to go to hospital. 3.肯鼓励他不要放弃希望。 4. Because he knew about Tony’s illness from one of his classmates. 5.1,000,000 dollars.【Unit 5】Section A一、1.picnic 2.author 3.appointment 4.final 5.anxious二、1.Alice's 2.possibly 3.dropped 4.worried 5.owner三、1.The hair band must belong to Linda. 2. This shirt is much too small for John.3. We need one more player to make up a soccer ball team. 4. They put off the meetingbecause of the heavy rain. 5. What do you think "crucial" means?四、1.Whose T-shirt 2.belong to 3.author 4.author 4.could he 5.Why is五、1~5 DECABSection B一、1.sky 2.catch 3.noise 4.wind 5.interviewed二、1.monkeys 2.escaped 3.neighbors 4.unhappy 5.director三、1.for exercise 2.to catch 3.what is happening 4.In;swimming 5.be afraid making 四、1.Did;use to 2.doesn't think; could 3.isn't he 4.There;something wrong 5.Whatare五、1~5 EBCADSelf Check and Reading一、1~5 BCDAA 6~10 CCBDA 11~12 DD二、1.possibly 2.noise 3.final 4.catch 5.smells 6.fingers 7.lift 8.ocean 9.stone10.pretended三、1.hers 2.worried 3.visiting 4.unhappy 5.footsteps 6.watching 7.to work 8.careful9.dishonest 10.pretending四、1.belong to 2.don't think 3.Did;use to 4.because of 5.Who must五、1~5 BAACD 6~10 BAABD六、1~5 ACABB七、1~5 BAECD



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