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一、单项选择 (共10小题,每小题2分,计20分)
( )1. You should play with your pet for _________every day.
A. sometime B. sometimes C. some time D. some times
( )2. I saw many clothes _________ of silk and cotton on display.
A. made B. are made C. made out D. making
( )3. ---_________,Peter. That step is not safe.
--- Thanks.
A. Look up B. Look out C. Look on D. Look round
( )4. ----Oh, so many new flats! I can’t believe that. It used to be a poor village.
----Yes._______ has changed here!
A. Nothing B. Something C. Everything D. Anything
( )5. ---Excuse me. Can you tell me______________?
----Sure. There ‘s a good restaurant on Main Street.
A. Where I can post letters B. What movie I can see here
C. How I can get to the bus station D. if there ‘s a good place to eat in
( )6. There are many tall buildings on _________ side of the street.
A. either B. all C. both D. nor
( )7. Our family has bought a car so we can travel __________ than before.
A. most easily B. easier C. much easier D. more easily
( )8. ---When did the fireman leave?
---They didn’t leave until they _______ the fire.
A. put up B. put out C. put away D. put on
( )9. Mother asked me to keep the windows _________ and ________ the door.
A. open, closed B. open, close C. opened, closed D. opened, close
( )10. James with the Greens _________ Yan Du Park if it ___________ tomorrow.
A. is going to, isn’t rain B. are going to, doesn’t rain
C. is going to, wont’ rain D. is going to, doesn’t rain
二、完形填空 (共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)
In some science fiction movies, the robots are just like humans. They help with the housework and do the most 1 jobs.
Some scientists believe that there will be such robots in the future. 2 , they agree it may
3 hundreds of years. Scientists are now trying to make robots 4 people and do the same things as us.
But robot scientist James White 5 . He thinks that it will be 6 for a robot to do the same things as a person. 7 , it's easy for a child to wake up and know where they are. Mr. White thinks that robots won't be able to do this. But other scientists disagree. They think that robots will be able to talk to people 8 25 to 50 years.
Robot scientists are not just trying to make robots look like people. For example, there are already robots 9 in factories. They do simple jobs over and over again. People would not like to do such jobs and would get bored. But robots will 10 get bored.
In the future, there will be more robots everywhere, and humans will have 11 work to do. New robots will have many different 12 . Some will look like humans, and 13 might look like snakes. After an earthquake (地震), a snake robot could help look for people under buildings. That may not seem possible now, but computers, space rockets and even electric toothbrushes 14 impossible a hundred years ago. We never know 15 will happen in the future!
( )1. A. interesting B. unpleasant C. pleasant D. popular
( )2. A. But B. So C. However D. While
( )3. A. use B. spend C. pay D. take
( )4. A. look like B. look at C. look for D. look up
( )5. A. agrees B. disagrees C. likes D. dislikes
( )6. A. easy B. difficult C. important D. possible
( )7. A. For example B. Instead C. Such as D. Besides
( )8. A. after B. for C. over D. in
( )9. A. worked B. work C. working D. to work
( )10. A. always B. easily C. never D. often
( )11. A. more B. less C. fewer D. little
( )12. A. shapes B. colors C. sizes D. actions
( )13. A. the other B. other C. the others D. others
( )14. A. seem B. seemed C. got D. look
( )15. A. that B. how C. what D. when
Every 30 seconds there is an earthquake. But don't worry because most are so weak that they cannot be. felt. Only a few big ones hurt people.
Many earthquakes happened in China, such as the big one in Sichuan last month. Thousands of people died in it. So it's important to know what to do when one hits. Here are some tips on how to stay safe in an earthquake.
1. If you are indoors during an earthquake, hide (躲藏) under a desk. Stay away from windows and anything that could fall on you.
2. If you are outdoors, move to a clear place. Try to be away from trees, signs, buildings and streetlights. These could fall on you.
3. If you are in a shop and far from the door, don't try to run outside and rush for exits (出口). Everyone will be doing that and you'11 find it hard getting out. Don't get into a lift during an earthquake. Just hide under some strong cover near you.
4. When an earthquake has ended, be careful because aftershocks may still happen. These are just as dangerous as the earthquake itself. So stay under the desk until you make sure it's safe to get up.
5. If you are at home and you smell gas (煤气) , open the windows and get out of the building as quickly as you can. A gas line in your house may be broken. This could be very dangerous.
( )1. Most earthquakes are too_________ to hurt people.
A. strong B. weak C. dangerous
( )2.If you are outdoors, it would be safe to _________.
A. go to a playground B. stay under a tree C. stand by the window
( )3. If you're in a shop and far from the door, you'd better_________.
A. rush to the door fight away
B. run after the people quickly
C. hide yourself under a cover near you
( )4. The best title of this passage is "_________".
A. How dangerous the earthquake is
B. How to be safe during an earthquake
C. Don't be afraid of the earthquake
( )5. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
A. Most earthquakes are very dangerous, so we must be very careful every day.
B. You'd better keep away from those things that may fall on you wherever you are.
C. If you smell gas at home, try to hide under a desk and don't run outside quickly.
Ⅰ. 根据所给中文提示及首字母写出所缺单词。(共15小题,每小题2分,计30分)
1. He is listening to John_________(静静地) in the next room.
2. The breeze(微风) sounds like a w__________(soft noise).
3. Look! There are dark clouds in the sky. It’s l__________(possible) to rain soon.
4. “Your answer isn’t c___________ at all,” the father said to his son angrily.
5. His parents are working in the factory and he is now at home a__________(only one).
6. A person without a dream is just like a bird without __________(翅膀).
7. Don’t ___________(吓唬) the little girl, or she will cry.
8. I know where he lives, so I don’t have any t_________(problem)in finding his house.
9. How many _________(刷子) are there in the bag?
10. My dog likes to c__________ and catch balls.
11. That supermarket is full of ____________(顾客) every day. What’s the secret?
12. The man is very strange. I found it d________ to get along well with him..
13. What fine weather! The sun is shining brightly ____________(穿过) the window into the room.
14. I was late for class this morning because there was too much ___________(车辆) in the street.
15. Yan cheng is f_________(well or widely known) for the long history.
Ⅱ. 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

Dear Sir:
I would like to make a comment on the plastic bags which we use in our daily life.
I thought that 1 effect from all these bags on our environment was well-known and that most people know they should not keep 2 them but collect them in the dustbin. However, one of the 3 near my home seems to use 4 of these bags than ever before. Red ones, white ones and blue plastic ones---it 5 no difference. They don’t 6 about the problems of environment.
They still use plastic bags to wrap most of the things every day. When I went shopping the other day, I bought two things, and I 7 three bags to wrap __8____.Is it necessary 9 so many bags? Everyone should realize 10 important it is to clean our environment.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Wang
1. ____________2. ____________3. ____________4.____________5. ____________
6. ____________7. ____________8. ____________9.____________10. ___________
五、根据所给提示将下列各句译成英语 (共5 小题,每小题 3分, 计15分)
1. 跟往常一样,我们没看到什么异常。
_________________, we didn’t see ____________________.
Zhang Hua ________ _________ the fire _________the blanket.
We want to _________ Tom ______ this year’s Youth ________.
4. 他的叔叔整天忙于生意。
His uncle _______ ________ __________ his business all day.
5. 到最近的景点打的需要十二分钟。
It __________ twenty minutes ____________ the nearest tourist attraction _______________.

答案: 一、单项选择
1---5 CABCD 6---10 ADBBD
1---5 BCDAB 6---10 BADCC 11---15 BADBC
1---5 BACBB
Ⅰ. 根据所给中文提示及首字母写出所缺单词
1. quietly 2. whistle 3. likely 4. correct 5. alone
6. wings 7.frighten 8. trouble 9. brushes 10. chase
11. shoppers 12. difficult 13. through 14. traffic 15.famous
Ⅱ. 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空
1.bad 2. throwing 3. shops 4. more 5. makes
6. care 7. was given 8. them 9. to use 10. how



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